"Celebration of Spring"

"Celebration of Spring"
A World United through Art

Sunday, April 18, 2010

~*Featured Artist*~ April 18th, 2010

Giovanna Cerise


My "adventure by change" begins in SL in December of 2008 and it is at work tied up mine in RL, that of teacher. The didactics in the virtual word pens my mind to the experimantation of new methodologies of teaching, with which to actively involve the children. Presently, I go to the discovery of this different reality, almost with eyes of child, and passing from loss and aftertoughts at amazement and fun, I begin to "to do" something and I see that i liked.
Through the experimentation of forms, of colors and of textures I search to communicate the emotions of the moment, to express the facets of the thought and to represents events recalled by the memory or created by the imagination. It initiated such an enticing challenge, open always to new possibilities communicatives of expressions.

Ichiko Miles


Ichiko Miles is a long-time denizen of Second Life and has recently turned to light scupture and other media that SL uniquely offers.  She also hates writing bios in the third person.
In my real life, I don't get much chance to express myself through visual art.  SL gives me the opportunity to experiment with 3D sculpture, transparency, movement, and light -- which are very difficult and/or expensive to use in RL.  My main regret is that I can't share my SL work with my RL friends and relations. 
The creative process is similar to what I did in my photographic darkroom years ago in school, when I had more time and no mortgage payments.  For me, mastery of the technical aspects opens the doors to doing many strange and off-the-wall things, some of which actually turn out looking good.  So, my guideline is experiment, experiment, experiment;  throw away 90% of what I make and keep the best 10%.

Luciella Lutrova


Fine Art Artist, born in  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Studies : National School of Visual Arts
Painting  and Sculpture Teacher.
Works can be seen in National Museum of Lujan, private collections in New York, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. 
Last exhibitions in Buenos Aires:
Nordelta Art Gallery, August 2008.
Show Center, June 2009
Night Gallery, August / September 2009

artista plastica, nacida en Buenos Aires, Argentina.
estudios Escuela Nacional de Artes visuales.
profesora de pintura.
obras en Museo Nacional de Lujan, colecciones privadas, en New York , Brasil, Chile y Venezuela.
ultimas exposiciones en  Buenos Aires :
Galeria de Arte de Nordelta, Agosto 2008.
Show Center,  Junio 2009
Gallery Night, Agosto/ Septiembre 2009

Kicca Igaly


In SL I started out as Kicca Igaly April 13, 2007. I went for the first time in Second Life for Beauty ... Coming from previous experience of painting in RL and loving the Exchange, I chose to spend my time looking for new forms of artistic expression. SL In fact, I found the tools I needed and after a fast course in learning to INDIRE, I began to experiment with sculpture, digital art or building, call it what you want and the adventure began. The forms of expression that I prefer, rely on manipulation of the " prim". Usually, my work starts at an artistic project that took shape in my mind before putting his hand to what I jokingly call "digital scalpel," and when the lines are clear of the project do a search to find the tools that I consider more suitable to achieve it. I participation on numerous exhibitions in SL, in museums and galleries in land and not Italian.  Among the different experiences, you certainly remember the contribution to BURNING LIFE 09, with a collaborative effort with Nessuno Myoo, named ArtEvolutionCube, housed in one of twelve sim available to the Art Department, headed by White Lebed.  Experience that was repeated in February 2010 with a Burniversity masterclass, for the project Afterburn. I think that I created ... a real new career in the metaverse, which never fails to give me great satisfaction even on a human level through fantastic people I have met.

Sandralee Palianta


My name is Sandra Lee and I've been a real life artist for over 20 years. I'm a freelance webmaster and graphics artist/photographer.
Recently, I was accepted by the Sharpie Pen company to be in their "Sharpie Showcase" on their corporate website. Other credits include websites, logos, photo shoots and print graphics.
I've also been exploring making outfits & dresses with my art, designing cloths has never been on my agenda until I came into Second Life.  I'm rather enjoying it!

Bobbi Laval


Bobbi is perhaps best known for her competitive Secondlife surfing and simboarding, however she is becoming well known now for her artistic and photography skills also.  She is an SL photographer and digital artist who first received attention as a finalist in the West of Ireland Photo Contest.  She works using Photoshop and Paintshop Pro as her medium and SL as her primary source of pixels. Always experimenting her work is not easily characterized.  Each series or group of works she does tends to be unlike anything else she has done before.  Her work spreads the range from classical style portraits to wildly colorfull abstracts, often blending multiple layers of photography, textures, color, and digital art.
"Celebration of Spring" is Bobbi's first show at Shamen Gallery.  This collection of landscapes and seascapes are mainly digital paintings.  Painted using a mouse and screen as her canvas.

Rune Shamen


I am a resident of Louisville, KY.
I studied photography and sculpture at the University of Louisville in the late 80's. In the past I have been a
member of the Central KY Art Guild, Louisville Visual Arts, and the Lexington Art League.
I am still a member of the LAL and now a juried member of the Louisville Art Guild. I only submit my work to juried shows because the process of being juried demands a high quality of skill expertise which I offer in all my prints. I attend seminars once or twice a year to continue my education and extend my knowledge base in art and in my photography.
I came to SL as an RL photographer, sculptor, and striving novelist. I began here with a small gallery of just my works and was unhappy with the way i was treated and the way I saw the other artists treated.
I incorporated some business art training I had studied into what is now known as Shamen Galleries. Here I have made friends and acquaintances from around the world. Artists from almost a dozen countries now show
and sell their art there. It has turned into what most in SL believe a gallery should be. A place where artistic ideas from the opposite sides of the planet can be shared and explored and seen. A place of knowledge,
a place of art, and a reflection of my thoughts on what a gallery in SL should strive for. Everyday is a new experience and new knowledge for the art in my life.

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